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Token Whitelist:

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NFT Whitelist:

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(Eligibility will be checked automatically, holders can only join once.)

I want to use a different wallet address for BSC

open a ticket on our discord  or message @olivetreeha on Telegram and submit your desired BSC address. We will airdrop your new assets to your new address.

Our new token (yet to be launched) will NOT have any max wallet or transaction limits. You will also be able to transfer your assets around your wallets freely as there will not be any large tax limits like our previous token did.

What will I receive?

Token Holders

Eligible wallets will receive new Tokens that will be a 1 to 1 value of the last price of $HODLAPE before trading was halted.

NFT Holders

Eligible wallets will receive new NFTs (1 to 1). Your current NFTs on the CRONOS network will be classed as a legacy item and can be traded.

Why can I not speak in the group?

We have shut off our old group so that everyone will see our message and link to this portal. Join our new groups via the links below:

Join Our New Groups: